Our Aims

Adelaide Maths

Our Aims and Objectives

We intend to:

Secure and maintain highly effective Governance arrangements by:

  • ensuring that the Trust Board of Humber Education Trust fulfils its moral and legal obligations, acting in the best interests of the Trust, governing lawfully in accordance with its Articles of Association.
  • ensuring members, Trustees and Local Governing Body members demonstrate legitimate and visionary leadership, effective oversight, and highly effective challenge/support structures.


Ensure Teaching & Learning is at least good in all schools so that all children and young people achieve highly by:

  • recruiting, retaining and developing an outstanding, forward thinking, high performing workforce.
  • developing a Trust wide CPD programme for our schools to ensure that our staff disseminate best practice, acquire the right skills and are highly motivated to further raising standards.
  • identifying and utilising ‘experts’ within the Trust to provide bespoke support to individual teachers and schools.


Ensure Leadership & Management in all schools is at least good and an increasing proportion is outstanding by:

  • ensuring that there is a rigorous and robust programme of Quality Assurance and self-evaluation that helps to support leaders, build expertise, increase capacity and raise standards in our schools to deliver outstanding outcomes for children and young people.
  • identifying, recruiting and nurturing ‘future leaders’ both within Humber Education Trust schools and beyond.
  • ensuring head teachers and other key leaders actively engage with and make an active contribution towards each of groups identified within overall Trust structure.

Ensure the Trust provides outstanding Central Services to all schools by:

  • ensuring that the Trust has business arrangements that are efficient and effective to enable it to deliver on its commitments to grow, prosper and deliver value for money across all of our operations.
  • disseminating best practice, identifying/minimising risk and optimising resources in order to maximise ‘front line’ funding for all schools.
  • sourcing and making effective use of capital funding in order to provide ‘first class’ facilities to support outstanding education provision.