School to School Support Network

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Our Excellence Pathway

Humber Education Trust’s vision is to develop a high performing Multi Academy Trust that delivers the very best educational experience for all children and young people.

The Trustees, CEO and Headteachers place developing Learning, Teaching and Assessment at the core of our overall strategic intent. We recognise and cherish the depth of expertise at all levels across our schools. Our ambition is to identify, develop and utilise the vast array of talent and experience within our workforce in order to support and improve all schools across the Trust.

We believe in innovative staff development opportunities at all levels. S2S Support Leaders and Peers will have a unique opportunity to have an impact on children’s lives beyond the classrooms of their own school.

By working together we will promote innovation and strengthen the ethos of the Trust to ensure that we have a positive impact on all of the children and young people within the Trust.

School Improvement: Our Team of Experts

Our School Improvement Team currently comprises 2 Ofsted inspectors, a National Leader of Education, 14 Specialist Leaders of Education, 3 Mastery Maths Specialists, 36 School to School Support Leaders and 23 School to School Support Peers. We have expertise in every area of the curriculum for both primary and special settings. We use our experts to support schools in improving their provision and to work together to develop best practice models. We are committed to securing the very best provision and outcomes for all children; those in our trust and those in other schools. We will share best practice openly and seek partnerships with others to get the best deal for children.

Read about our School Improvement Model Here: HET School Improvement Model

Our Subject Leaders

Our subject leaders are outstanding practitioners who lead teams of experts across the trust in developing the curriculum offer in our schools.

Literacy Leads: Debbie James & Michelle Dodson

Phonics Leads: Vicky Barnwell & Polly Stathers

Maths Leads: Charlotte Woollin & Suzanne Adkinson

EYFS Leads: Natalie Simmons & Emily Dines

SEND Leads: Pierre Fenner & Kelly Goucher

Safeguarding Leads: Kirsten Bradley & Hannah Kirk

For details of our team please contact our Strategic School Improvement Lead, Paul Plumridge: [email protected]

Join our Team: S2S Support Leaders

The Role: Working under the direction of the School Improvement Leader we will use your recognised expertise to support school leaders and school staff to address identifed school improvement priorities. You will lead forums and other forms of Trust wide CPD such as supporting the professional development of a small group of S2S Support Peers or aspiring S2S Support Leaders.

Skills & Knowledge Required:

  • Enthusiastic, forward thinking, ‘solution focussed’ attitude.
  • Ability to innovate, communicate effectively.
  • Build/maintain professional working relationships, respecting confidentiality.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and to meet agreed deadlines

Experience: You are likely to be a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher, SLT member, NLE, LLE, SLE or have experience of supporting other schools.


Join our Team: S2S Support Peers

The Role: You will form part of a ‘talent pool’ that schools can draw upon. This may include, the sharing of planning/resources with another teacher, modelling practice recognised as ‘highly effective’. You are likely to participate in forums aimed at sharing best practice and ‘brainstorming’ ideas to move our Trust forward in relation to field of expertise.

Skills & Knowledge Required:

  • Enthusiastic, forward thinking, ‘solution focused’ attitude.
  • Ability to innovate, communicate effectively.
  • Build/maintain professional working relationships, respecting confidentiality.
  • Be generous with time and committed to share ideas, resources and experience.

Experience: You are likely to be a good/outstanding teacher within a recognised Key Stage, Year Group or specific subject. Perhaps you are a talented SENCO, Safeguarding Leader, Business Manager, Well Being Worker or Teaching Assistant.