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We're a large multi-academy trust, comprising of primary and special schools

Where everybody counts,
every moment matters.

Our Impact

Humber Education Trust has a track record of making a difference to children’s lives.

By working collaboratively, sharing best practice and ensuring our provision is of the highest quality for every pupil, in every class, in every school, we enable the children and young people in our care to thrive and to be ready; prepared and excited for the next stage of their education and life.

Children who are happy, who feel safe and who are valued members of their school community are in the best position to make the progress they are capable of. We see every child as an individual. By meeting the needs of every pupil and staff member in our Trust, we make a difference to outcomes at scale.


Ofsted outcomes

All HET schools are rated as Good or Outstanding.

Every school that has been inspected since joining Humber Education Trust has maintained or improved their Ofsted judgement. Two schools have yet to be inspected having joined the Trust.


Attainment analysis – All pupils

(2023 KS2 – RWM combined at the Expected Standard)


Progress analysis – All pupils

(2023 Key Stage 2)

Pupils in Humber Education Trust schools consistently outperform their national peers both in attainment and progress. Our curriculum offer and quality of provision ensure that children enjoy their learning, achieve well and make excellent progress from their starting points.


Attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and ‘all other pupils’ nationally

(2023 KS2 – RWM combined at the Expected Standard)

Eradicating the attainment gap between our disadvantaged pupils and ‘all other pupils’ nationally is a key strategic priority for Humber Education Trust. The gap is currently much narrower than that seen nationally.


Progress of disadvantaged pupils versus ‘all other pupils’ nationally

(2023 Key Stage 2)

Disadvantaged pupils in our schools make more progress than both ‘disadvantaged' and ‘all other pupils’ nationally. We aim to remove any barriers to their success and support our children and young people to achieve their goals.