Graeme BrookGraeme Brook

Graeme has spent the last 40 years working in education. He has been a teacher, deputy headteacher, headteacher, school improvement advisor for the local authority and education consultant.  Graeme has an excellent understanding of challenge and accountability within the education sector and is particularly skilled at analysing performance data and implementing national assessment frameworks and accountability measures. He has been a chair of governors at several primary and secondary schools.

Darren Downs

Darren is currently Chief Superintendant for Humberside Police. He has worked in a variety of senior management roles within the police force including the Diversity Department, large divisions and HR. Darren has a wide variety of skills and expertise to draw on including: budget management, performance management and challenge systems, key decision maker on complex issues, strategic plan development and managing large teams of people.

Graeme BrookStuart Spandler

Stuart is the Chair of the board for a large charitable community organisation. He has career experience as a teacher, coach driver, radio presenter and middle manager within a large rail company. Start is an ordained church minister and continues to work as a celebrant of funeral services. In his trustee role for the Goodwin Development Trust he oversees the strategic direction of the organisation and ensures that the day to day practical management of the organisation is best directed towards the achievement of strategic aims.

Leah Hider

Leah is a fully qualified solicitor specialising in employment law and HR.  Leah has experience of working for international law firms and advising PLCs, FTSE 250 companies and equivalent institutions. She now runs her own training business operating a national portfolio of clients for a variety of law firms. Leah advises on  employment law & HR best practice and has significant sector experience in higher education, retail & banking.