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We're a large multi-academy trust, comprising of primary and special schools

Where everybody counts,
every moment matters.

About Us

We are proud to be Humber Education Trust

Humber Education Trust is a large multi-academy trust (MAT), comprising of primary and special schools.

We have a strong moral purpose and a determination to provide the best education possible for the children in our care. Our family of schools share the same high aspirations, moral values and commitment to providing exemplary care and support. At the same time, we recognise and celebrate each school’s individual uniqueness.

We are a DfE-approved Academy Sponsor. This means that through the Trust, we are held accountable for sponsored schools who may join us, to ensure improvement in outcomes and taking responsibility for their performance and financial arrangements.

Our experienced Trust Board provide support and challenge to ensure that we build on our track record of excellence to achieve our aims and objectives.

If your school or trust would like to explore how HET could support you, or to discuss what we have learned since we became a trust, please contact Rachel Wilkes, Chief Executive Officer, via