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We're a large multi-academy trust, comprising of primary and special schools

Where everybody counts,
every moment matters.

Our Aims and Objectives

We intend to ensure:

Experience of the Child

  • Children thrive and flourish in a safe, nurturing and secure environment.
  • Classrooms and school environments reflect our pride and excellence. They are vibrant, purposeful, welcoming and well-presented spaces for children.
  • Children enjoy life. They are taught to be brave, honest, take risks and stay safe. They are taught to be healthy, to value others and to know what positive relationships look and feel like.
  • Children succeed and achieve. They are proud of themselves and others. Laughter is important.
  • Children are supported to become independent, thoughtful, resilient, active citizens.
  • Enrichment and experiences are high quality and coherently planned for. Lasting memories and friends are made.

Personal Development: Staff & Pupils

  • All leaders are supported and challenged to become ethical and highly effective in order to deliver the very best for children and young people – socially, spiritually and academically.
  • Future and emerging leaders are identified early, nurtured and provided with a clear pathway to excel.
  • The Trust’s recruitment and retention strategy is highly effective in securing the very best staff at all levels and in all schools.
  • Early career stage teachers develop skills, knowledge and confidence and quickly become highly effective. They are motivated and inspired to stay in the profession.
  • Personal development and well-being for staff and pupils is exceptional. Staff and pupil attendance is high.
  • All staff have the required knowledge, skills and behavioural traits to deliver the best for pupils.

Quality of Education

  • Reading and effective communication are the cornerstone of every school’s curriculum. Every child leaves our Trust able to read and communicate effectively.
  • The broad, carefully sequenced, coherent curriculum is crafted exceptionally well to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Highly effective pedagogy and professional practice, underpinned by research, ensures the curriculum is successfully implemented and leads to maximum impact.
  • The curriculum in every school is compliant with national policies yet tailored to meet the specific needs of its population.


  • We make a real and lasting difference to all pupils and particularly those who are vulnerable or have special educational needs.
  • Disadvantage is not a barrier to achievement, success or happiness.
  • We target resources to close gaps and ensure equality of opportunity for all.
  • All pupils are taught by a good teacher in a good school.
  • Everyone is treated the same and is equally important.
  • Policies are applied fairly.

Comfort & Security

  • Financial modelling is robust, sustainable and secure. Money is spent wisely, ethically and in ways that make a difference to children and young people.
  • Buildings and sites are safe, secure and comfortable to work in.
  • Policies, practices and culture keep everyone safe.
  • As custodians of our schools we leave a legacy for the future.
  • We understand and meet our statutory and moral obligations. Systems are in place that ensures no school fails in this.