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We're a large multi-academy trust, comprising of primary and special schools

Where everybody counts,
every moment matters.

School Improvement

Our School Improvement Team

Our vastly experienced team comprises both central and school-based staff. This enables the Trust to maximise its vast range of expertise for the benefit of all.

We have expertise in every area of the curriculum for both primary and special settings. We utilise our experts to support all schools to improve further and to work together to develop best practice models. We are committed to securing the very best provision and outcomes for all children; those in our trust and those in other schools. We will share best practice openly and seek partnerships with others to get the best deal for children.

The wider Humber Education Trust Improvement Team includes: staff who inspect on behalf of Ofsted, a National Leader of Education, a significant number of Specialist Leaders of Education, Mastery Mathematics specialists and experienced statutory moderators.


HET Centre for Education and Leadership Development

The focus of Humber Education Trust is our children and young people. As a large group of schools, we have a shared common purpose – securing the very best standard of education for all. In order to achieve this, we place a significant emphasis on staff development. We value the contribution of staff at all levels.

Excellent staff enable our pupils to achieve great things.

The HET Centre for Education and Leadership Development is the umbrella term for our learning ‘eco-system’ which enables staff within our schools to learn, develop and collaborate together. This includes: training, coaching, conferences, courses, Teacher Research Groups (TRGs), moderation, role-performance development activities, workshops and more.

These opportunities are developed for the benefit of all schools in our Trust. It reflects our commitment to providing the very best professional development.

Our Centre has four key strands:


Teaching and Learning Ambassadors

Since the Trust was formed in 2017, Trust-wide collaboration has formed the cornerstone of our work. Examples include, but are not limited to, our trust-wide training programmes, extensive range of network groups and school-to-school support.

The education landscape is constantly evolving. As a trust, we do not stand still. Evidence-based research continues to inform and shape our educational decisions, such as curriculum design and approaches to teaching & learning. Drawing on the expertise and contributions of talented classroom-based practitioners acts as a powerful tool in shaping and improving the quality of education for all. This is why, in September 2022, a significant number of school-based teachers from across the Trust became our first cohort of Teaching and Learning Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors consider and disseminate findings from evidence-based research for the benefit of all schools within the Trust.